Storing fresh herbs.

I just purhased fresh tarragon, chives parsley and sage.Would it be better to freeze them in ice cube trays for future use. O r to dry them in the microwave. I can;t blitz them in my processor, as it is broken, so I suppose I would have to dice them finely.

A;ny suggestions, ideas

  • Posted by: HELEN
  • January 8, 2019


MMH January 10, 2019
We have very good luck freezing herbs from our garden whole on the branch in quart sized freezer bags. We lay them flat in the freezer and use as needed. We do it with rosemary, parsley, tarragon, thyme and oregano.
Nancy January 10, 2019
for herbs you expect to use within week-ten days, store them upright, like flowers in a glass of water with a plastic bag loosely covering.
As Phil says, for the rest, freeze or dry as you please,
PHIL January 9, 2019
I have done it both ways. Really up to you. I usually go with freezing. Drying is good at the end of the season when I have a lot left over in the garden.
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