When a recipe calls for ground pork and I'm going to grind it myself fresh, which cut if pork should I use.

I once tried a pork chop for this and it was dry and bland, maybe because there's not enough fat in this cut?



Kristian S. June 3, 2014
I always use Boston butt/shoulder roast. Using tenderloin doesn't have enough fat. Usually around 20% fat for ground meat is about the right proportion.
ChefJune June 3, 2014
You'll need a pork shoulder. Best ratio of lean to fat for ground pork.
Susan W. June 3, 2014
Definitely shoulder (aka pork butt). You need the fat for flavor and moisture.
Declan June 2, 2014
Go with pork butt ...
All the way
Pegeen May 29, 2014
What are you making? The cut depends on knowing if you need a fattier or leaner cut.

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pierino May 30, 2014
I would go with shoulder, also known as boston butt.
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