How to tell if cider is expired?

I'm about to make hard cider, and the date on my apple cider says it expired a week ago. It looks fine and I haven't even opened it yet, should I be fine to use it?

Jesse Gallant


jamcook January 31, 2015
If it starts to get fizzy, if the container bulges, if it smells peculiar, and tastes funny...That's not so good.
petitbleu January 31, 2015
Yes, take a sip. If anything, it may have started fermenting already, which often happens with unpasteurized cider. If that's the case, then your hard cider is already well on its way!
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 31, 2015
I would take a sip to determine if its OK.
Susan W. January 31, 2015
Is it unpasteurized? It will say somewhere on the bottle. If it wasn't refrigerated, then it's pasteurized. Unpasteurized does go bad fairly quickly. It's literally juice pressed from apples. Does it say "best by (insert date)" or "expires.."?
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