the best quickie homemade pizza crust

wishing to give a friend a quickie homemade pizza crust recipe. I had one at one time, using a quick rise Fleishman's package can't find- recipe was on back of package whats yours?

Sherry E
  • Posted by: Sherry E
  • December 25, 2018


Stephanie G. December 26, 2018
From Rose Levy Berebaum, The Bread Bible...I use it all the time.
Smaug December 26, 2018
There was such a recipe on this site a while back, but it was really a pretty ordinary bread recipe that was simply used without allowing it to rise, and comments indicated that the results were about what you'd expect. Warmth and extra yeast food in the form of sugar can speed the process some, and instant yeasts can provide a faster start, but yeast will always need time to act. As far as I'm concerned, it's not pizza without yeast dough, but a lot of people do use various sorts of flat bread.
Corj December 26, 2018

I've made this several times. The dough is pretty shaggy and that resting period is crucial for flavor but it's a good easy dough. I usually start it in the morning of the day prior. I've also frozen it successfully.
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