Can anyone give me advice on my cream cheese project?

I'm making cream cheese with some leftover buffalo milk. The recipe goes like this: Slowly heat milk to 86 degrees (Fahrenheit), add calcium chloride (dissolved in water). Let cool to 76 degrees, add animal rennet (also dissolved in water). Let sit for 12 hours in a warm place (72 degrees) without disturbing. Strain over cheesecloth.

I was advised to not let the cream cheese mixture sit more than 12 hours before straining or it would begin to break down. If I strain it sooner than 12 hours- say, at the 10 hour mark- will it mess up the recipe? Any help from more experienced cheese makers would be welcomed!

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1 Comment

Melinda February 3, 2015
You should gauge when to strain by how the cheese looks. It should be may take less time if your home is warmer than say 72 degrees, or may take longer if your home is very cool. Judge when to strain by how the product looks. The time is just a guideline.
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