If I add mint to the milk and cream at the start of a cream cheese recipe will affect the cream cheese?

I want to make a mint cream cheese for a cheesecake. I was hoping to soak the mint on the milk and cream overnight and then blend into the solution at the start of the process, but I am not sure if that will cause a problem when making the cream cheese.

  • Posted by: Collin
  • July 13, 2018


Lori T. July 15, 2018
As a rule, when you are making cheese you don't add in other things with the cultures because it increases the chances you will introduce hostile bacteria. Mint also has antimicrobial properties that may interfere or inhibit your culture. When you are at the curd stage you can add in flavorings. They also highly suggest that you use dry herbs and spices as opposed to fresh, for the same bacterial contamination concerns. As cream cheese is a fresh cheese, you wouldn't want to chance any foreign bacteria getting into it, so I would suggest you stick to using extract as your flavoring to get the best flavor. And add it once you are ready to drain the curds.
Smaug July 14, 2018
Not a cheese maker, but I have tried infusing a milk/cream mixture with fresh mint for an ice cream recipe, and I can't say it was very effective; extract might work better for you if you want a strong mint flavor.
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