Using solidified cream to make cream cheese

I get raw milk from a local dairy and just got my first jar of cream from them. Unexpectedly the WHOLE jar is solid! I was planning to use it (along with milk) to make cream cheese. Would this still work since it gets heated or should I buy cream that is liquid? It's not sour/no taste issues. Thank you!!

Lauren Ruben
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1 Comment

Liz D. February 1, 2017
Sounds like what my mother calls "ranch cream"; I think it's mostly fat, most of the butterfat from the milk after the milk is put through a cream separator, as opposed to what we buy as liquid heavy cream, which is about 38% fat. You'd want to combine your cream with milk to make it the right percentage, about 3/8 cup of your cream to 5/8 cup milk to make a cup of heavy liquid cream? Since it's not homogenized, though, the cream will rise to the top, so I don't know how that would affect your cheese...Or you could buy cream for your cheese and use your solid cream to make cream biscuits
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