lemon curd not lemony

I made a new recipe for lemon curd last night. While the texture was perfect and light, the lemon flavor isn't very strong. Can I stir in some additional lemon juice? Or do I need to cook it all again?

  • Posted by: frizz
  • February 3, 2015


ChefJune February 5, 2015
Did you add (at least) a pinch of salt? I often find that's all that's needed to elevate the flavor of almost anything - especially sweets. Go easy!
barcelona February 5, 2015
Ore maybe add some citric acid (extracted from the lemon)
mickle February 3, 2015
If zest doesn't produce the flavor you want add a couple drops of "pure lemon oil".
CrepesofWrath February 3, 2015
Maybe add in zest of 1 or 2 lemons, let it sit overnight and press it through a sieve if you can?
Pegeen February 3, 2015
Agree with CrepesofWrath... add more lemon zest and let it sit overnight. If still not lemony enough, add a tablespoon fresh lemon juice and press through a sieve.
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