I make a little treat that is lemon curd mixed with sweetened cream cheese inside pastry, but it gets too runny when cooked? Any ideas?

Literally lemon curd mixed with sugar and cream cheese...Quite thick when it is rolled into the crescent rolls (brush with sweetened butter and lemon juice after..yum!) Half of it runs out the sides...what could I mix in or change in execution to have it be a firmer filling?



boulangere October 21, 2019
Sounds delicious. Adding an egg or two should fix the runniness.
hrmnelso October 21, 2019
Yes! Duh! I do more cooking than baking...so the quick fixes for baking (which is both chemistry and art) are a little beyond me....but that seems obvious now that you point it out! Thank you..will do next time!
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