suggested recipe ideas for a box of baby artichokes?

They called my name and I bought them, but now I'm not sure how to do them justice. I know they are nuggets of wonderfulness but I'm used to cooking just 2-4 globe artichokes, not a box of babes. What's the best way to get the most out of these? (and I don't mind the prep).

Molly Ward


ChefJune February 9, 2015
So, Molly Ward, what did you end up doing with those artichokes? Would love to know that and how they turned out!
Molly W. February 9, 2015
I sort-of winged it last night. I trimmed them all, cut them in half, then steamed til tender. Placed them cut-side-up in a glass baking dish, and covered them with a combo of panko crumbs, garlic, parmesan, and olive oil (all in the food processor), and a final drizzle of olive oil. Baked at 375 for about 15 mins til crispy and golden brown. We had them as apps with a nice glass of Haut Medoc before supper. They were delicious! Thanks to all for your suggestions! I'll not be cowed by a lowly thistle again!
Angela February 9, 2015
We love this vegetarian take on shrimp and grits:
In fact, this is our go to prep method for artichokes (mostly we put them on pizzas). Don't skip the fresh lemon zest.
Molly W. February 9, 2015
This looks fabulous, Angela. Thanks for the suggestion. Now I know what to do with them when they're available.
ChefJune February 4, 2015
This is my favorite recipe for those lovelies: I'd go buy some organic frozen baby peas, since they're not in season yet, and make that. What a great way to brighten up a gray February day.
caninechef February 4, 2015
Split in half and steam in a bit of water and olive oil in a covered skillet. Uncover and let evaporate almost dry.Top with a butter/garlic/breadcrumb/ parm cheese mix and pop in a hot oven or under broiler.
Nancy February 4, 2015
Two classic recipes take advantage of the tenderness of small/baby artichokes...Roman recipe for Jewish-style artichokes (deep fried, eaten crisp, great appetizer); bar snack - spinach artichoke dip, served hot With favorite bread, cracker, chip.
creamtea February 3, 2015
I don't think I can top mickle's ideas, but I love them trimmed (just a few leaves and sharp tips; keep the stems), halved and dropped into a pot of water into which you've squeezed some lemons. Throw some garlic and parsley, both minced, maybe some lemon slices, salt and peppercorns, drizzle olive oil, and simmer until tender. Can be served hot, room temp or cold.
mickle February 3, 2015
Blanch, roast, sauté, or steam. Chill for a while before making the salad. Other dressing options would be Greek vinaigrette or a "creamy" Italian vinaigrette. I have to stop--I am getting really hungry for your artichokes and I am in the middle of a snowstorm on the coast of Lake Michigan--no fresh artichokes! Ha
mickle February 3, 2015
Peel. Then squeeze on a little lemon juice, salt, pepper--flash fry--no batter. Add a touch of sea salt to serve them with a good lemon aioli. Make a spicey artichoke gratin with cream, milk, part of a roasted chipotle, Gruyere, salt, fresh white pepper. Artichoke salad--marinate for a couple hrs.--with kalamattas, roasted red peppers, tiny cubes of salami, small cubes of provolone with an Italian vinaigrette.
Molly W. February 3, 2015
Whoa. Fabulous ideas, Mickle. Thanks so much! I'm leaning toward the gratin or the salad but with the salad, I would steam them first, yes?
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