making liqueurs

How much simple syrup should I add to alcohol that has already been steeped with the respective fruit flavor? I have 8 oz (1 cup) of some starfruit infused vodka (steeped for 3 weeks) and want to find out the perfect balance for making starfruit liqueur.



Nancy February 6, 2015
Recipes I use usually specify room temp aging. The alcohol should prevent any nasty results. As for your boozy starfruit, in fruit salad, on pancakes, on ice cream.
Greenstuff February 6, 2015
Ditto. I let my liqueurs mellow at room temperature. Or in the cellar when I was making a lot of them and had a cellar.
Greenstuff February 6, 2015
It can vary. When I started making liqueurs, I used a ratio of 1:1:1 for 180-proof steeped alcohol : water : sugar syrup. My sugar syrup was 8:1 sugar in water by volume (1 cup sugar to 1/8 cup water to make 1 cup sugar syrup). I'd also add a little glycerine as a

Nowadays, I find those ratios too sweet, but there are plenty of liqueurs on the market that are just as sweet as those are. If you want to try those ratios, and assuming your vodka was only about half as strong as my grain alcohol, I say you try a half a cup of simple syrup and taste it. One caveat--it will probably taste raw. I generally let my liqueurs mellow for at least a month, then taste them and maybe let them go longer.
Nancy February 6, 2015
Agree with greenstuff about both sweetness and rawness. Since you're looking , presumably, for the perfect-for-you ratio, maybe consider your 8 oz a test batch, split into 2 to 5 small samples and add variousvamounts of sugar syrup. Taste in a few months, then use the ratio you like best for future larger batches.
Panfusine February 6, 2015
Splendid, this is valuable advice. I went ahead and added the simple syrup (which had thickened to a molasses consistency because I cooled it down in an ice bath) ounce by ounce and sampling as I went along. 2 oz to 8 oz of steeped vodka.
Should I let it mellow in the refrigerator or can I leave it out on the kitchen counter?
What do I do with the boozy slices of starfruit? they're all preserved and crisp..& quite delicious!
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