Boozy Fruit

Hi All! I’m currently soaking some strawberries in vodka to make a cordial. I’d like to do something with the strawberries once it’s done, maybe a jam or syrup? Does anyone have any experience with this or recipes their willing to share? I don’t think I’m capable of eating 3+ cups of boozed up berries...thank you for your help!



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Ttrockwood July 14, 2018
They would be great for a sorbet! The vodka will prevent the sorbet from freezing too hard so you will get a nice soft texture. Although still very boozey!
Otherwise i would stew them with a bit of sugar and lemon juice to cook off the alcohol and make a chutney/jam. I don’t like to use the canning process so i keep a jar in the fridge to use in the next two weeks and freeze excess.
J_McCrory July 14, 2018
Oh sorbet! What a great idea, thank you!!
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