Flavoring homemade yogurt

What are the best ways to flavor homemade yogurt? I like it to be sweet and fruity, but not as sweet as the commercial brands - too much for me! But I do like the idea of the entire yogurt being flavored by fruit purees instead of just fruit pieces in it. Should I use fruit jams? Jellies? Syrups? Or should I just puree fresh or frozen fruit and sweeten it another way? If so, what's the best way to sweeten that doe NOT involve honey? How should I add vanilla if that's the flavor I want? Thanks!



Jeff October 25, 2017
Try a splash of any flavor coffee creamer, add a pinch of instant coffee too.
Toni,Coon March 3, 2012
I make yoghurt. Recently I sweetened it with homegrown Stevia- nice touch
bigpan March 3, 2012
Jam works fine. In the summer you can use fresh fruit when it is not so expensive.
Christine March 3, 2012
Are you asking about actually making the yogurt with the flavoring in it while it ferments? Or adding flavoring afterward?
WannabeBaker March 3, 2012
Well, I had assumed it would be after the yogurt's made, but if it would be better to flavor it while I'm making it, that works too!
vvvanessa March 3, 2012
You can pretty much do any of the above. I have embellished yogurt with minced fruit, puréed fruit, and jam. A good alternative to honey is maple syrup or agave, but if you just sprinkle granulated sugar on it, it can sometimes lend a little crunchy texture to make it a little more interesting. If you have vanilla sugar, you can use that to add the vanilla flavoring, or you can add just a few drops at a time of vanilla extract until you get the flavor you are looking for. You could also use other extracts like lemon or almond, again very conservatively because they're so intense.
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