Question about Passion Fruit Creaminess recipe

I'm testing this recipe for Editor's Pick this week and it calls for making Passion Fruit syrup from a cup of fresh passion fruit and a cup of sugar. I have scoured Baltimore from top to bottom and can't find fresh passion fruit, but did find 100% fresh passion fruit juice with no sugar added. I was going to make the syrup by using 2 cups of juice and a cup of sugar and letting it reduce to 1 cup of liquid. Acceptable substitution?

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Burnt O. March 6, 2011
Thanks @Pauljoseph! After seeing your pics of the custardy interior, I feel very confident that the juice reduction will be fine. We can get the fruit, but its season is very limited here. Such a wonderful fruit!
pauljoseph March 5, 2011
All about my Passion Fruit
Burnt O. March 5, 2011
Thanks - when all three local Whole Foods, Wegmans, and my favorite fruit vendor say they don't have passion fruit this weekend, my hands were kind of tied!
Amanda H. March 5, 2011
That makes sense. I say: go for it!
Burnt O. March 5, 2011
Sorry Amanda, The original recipe, only requires heating a cup of passion fruit (pulp and seeds) with a cup of sugar to dissolve the sugar. You only need 1/3 cup of strained fruit syrup in the recipe itself. The remaining syrup is to pour over the finished pudding. I thought reducing the juice with 1 cup of sugar to a total of 1 cup would concentrate the flavor enough to equate the flavor, even if I'm missing some of the texture from the pulp. It shouldn't affect the flavor of the pudding, just the texture of the syrup to pour over the final puddings.
Amanda H. March 5, 2011
In the original recipe do you reduce the fresh passion fruit and sugar to 1 cup? I'm trying to understand why you're thinking of reducing the juice and sugar to 1 cup. It sounds like a smart and promising solution -- my only question regards the finished amount of syrup you need to have.
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