Okay, me again! I am definitely making this on our vacation and just wondered what you serve with this pasta? Salad? Bread? Thought I might as wel...

...l ask the expert what goes best



sdebrango February 7, 2015
They endive boats are pretty too!
Nancy February 7, 2015
Definitely not bread unless you're. House where A meal isn't a meal w/I bread. As the pasta is rich, serve it in smallish portions as a 2nd course. Open with antipasto or salas, main couras à simple good fish or meat. No dessert. Or pause for conversation and gavé dessert at and of evening.
sdebrango February 7, 2015
You are so sweet, I don't serve with bread because the pasta has enough carbs for me. I like to serve with a salad or with broccoli rabe, spinach or broccoli sautéed in garlic and olive oil. A fresh salad with some citrus would be delicious, maybe some arugula, orange segments, nuts, micro greens. I served once with belgian endive used as a boat and filled with mandarin orange, micro greens and pecans. It was delicious. Hope this helps.
NotTooSweet February 7, 2015
Thank you all for your quick and terrific suggestions. Since we will be at a rental home I think I will go with an easy pan roasted broccoli. Agree bread would be carb overload. By the way - want you to know that I have told all my friends about this site. It is the friendliest group of fabulous cooks I have ever encountered! Thanks again!
sdebrango February 7, 2015
I think thats a wonderful choice. I have been on this site since 2011 and have found it to be the same, welcoming, friendly and helpful. Best wishes for a great dinner.
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