gooey skillet chocolate cake

I want to make a big ol' gooey chocolate cake in a skillet for a dinner party this coming friday -- think molten chocolate cake, en masse. any advice/thoughts/recipes? thank you xx

Marian Bull


TobiT February 8, 2015
This isn't fancy, but I'd make brownies in the skillet, rather than in the usual square brownie pan. Under-bake; then serve in pie-piece-shaped wedges. Middle will be gooey. You can always up the flavor (so that it is not so familiar as brownie) by adding coffee or orange or a liqueur.
barcelona February 8, 2015
I would recommend this one
Chef L. February 8, 2015
This might work for you:
sfmiller February 8, 2015
This might be a tall order. Molten chocolate cakes are ordinarily made in small vessels like ramekins or muffin tins. With a big pan like a skillet, when the outside was set you'd still have a large mass of very wet batter in the middle. It might taste good, but it'd be difficult to serve.

Maybe you could make it work with a tube pan?
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