Going to Savannah, Ga. in March

My husband & I are going to Savannah for our Anniversary & would love suggestions on B & B's, Hotels & Restaurants in & around Savannah.

  • Posted by: Nan
  • February 9, 2015


Kenn February 14, 2015
I lived in Savannah for 3 years (albeit a decade ago) and I have to say it's that proverbial "Great Place To Visit...." We always enjoyed entertaining visitors with great restaurants and sights. You will have a blast! As far as B&Bs go, the Kehoe is the best. Hands down. Convenient location, great breakfasts, lovely owners. It is what every B&B should be! I would also second Elizabeth on 37th. My husband and I would eat there for every special occasion (valentines, anniversaries, birthdays, any excuse!). Definitely the best restaurant in town. Pearl's Saltwater Grill (a bit of a drive out of town) is a great spot for a romantic dinner. The food is good, no frills, but the setting is pure Coastal GA. Watching the sunset over the salt marsh is unbeatable... and their martinis are strong. Vinnie Van Go-go's is (was?) a locals pizza joint with great pizza and excellent al fresco people watching. If you're the dive bar type, nothing beats Pinkie Master's. It is the epitome of a neighborhood bar. Finally, I would recommend Parker's Market on Drayton. It's a gas station with unparalleled take out, a wine shop, and gourmet food store. I still have dreams about their catfish lunch plate (great to grab and go for a picnic). In all my travels, I've never seen another place like it. It is uniquely Savannah. Cheers!
Pegeen February 15, 2015
What great tips! Adding Savannah to my travel list.
Pegeen February 14, 2015
Go to roadfood.com. In the bar titled "Find authentic regional eats," type in Savannah, GA. You'll get some fun results for lower-key, great local eating.
LeBec F. February 13, 2015
hi nan, savannah is soo lovely; i bet you'll love it. For more ideas, i suggest you go to :
SilverSage February 10, 2015
We love the Sapphire Grill. The chef's table with the wine flights is absolutely outstanding. Great place for an anniversary!
carlito February 9, 2015
Some of my family members own Elizabeth on 37th and for a fancier occasion - food and atmosphere cannot be beat!
Angela February 9, 2015
Go to Zunzi's! It serves Italian-South African food, which sounds weird, but trust me, it's amazing.
kimhw February 9, 2015
Savannah has one of the largest, craziest St Patrick's day celebration. So if you are looking for romantic weekend, don't go near at Patrick's day.
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