What dessert should I make for Valentine's Day?

Hi! My husband and I are making pan-seared steaks and roasted potatoes for Valentine's Day. He's going to surprise me with what we're drinking—and I'm going to surprise him with what we're having for dessert. Any ideas?! He loves: brownies, blondies, all chocolate cakes, crème brûlee, cheesecake, pastry cream...

Emma Laperruque


HalfPint February 14, 2019
My 2 "romantic" favorites:

Coeur a la creme with a raspberry puree

Frozen Berries with Hot White Chocolate (Ina Garten)
Ttrockwood February 14, 2019
I feel like with the classic meat and potatoes meal it could be fabulous and special to make chocolate souffle! There’s something dramatic and magical about souffle, and after that meal it will be a “lighter” kind of dessert than something dense like cheesecake.
PHIL February 13, 2019
I'm making poach pears (you can make ahead) with whipped cream Simple and elegant. You can also serve with a slice of cake if you want.
Stephanie B. February 13, 2019
It sounds like he likes just about all desserts then! I had similar tastes to choose from for our V day, we were feeling brownies, blondies, and chocolate cakes. I decided to try the chocolate cloud cake from Genius Desserts.
Nancy February 13, 2019
Two ideas suggested by the heartiness of stead-and-potatoes:
* chocolate cake with candied ancho chile (Rick Bayless recipe)
* ancho creme brulee (from The Church Restaurant in Stratford, Ont. If you like the idea, I can post the recipe.)
Nancy February 13, 2019
Auto incorrect strikes again.
Should be: steak and potatoes.
Stephanie B. February 13, 2019
I don't know about Emma, but I like the idea!
Nancy February 13, 2019
Stephanie B - OK, I'm posting it here (not recipes section, bc I've made only a few changes). Serves 6. May be halved or doubled.
6 yolks from large eggs (set aside or freeze whites for another use)
2.5 cups heavy cream (35%)
4 oz semi sweet or dark chocolate (good quality)
1/2 to 2/3c sugar (for custard)
1/2c sugar for caramelizing top (optional)
2-3 ancho chile peppers (these are dried poblanos). If not available, get other mild dried chile.
Few pieces of mace
1 vanilla bean, split open
1 tsp paprika (original didn't specify. Use plain, smoky or sweet, to taste.)
1) Prepare ingredients. infuse spices in the cream (bring to boil, reduce heat, cover steep 10-15 min). Melt the chocolate (over water). Strain the cream & discard spices. Add chocolate to cream & mix. Beat egg yolks and 2/3c sugar (original amount, or use lesser amount 1/2c if you like) until pale yellow & thick.
2) Pour chocolate cream into egg mixture, beating all the time to incorporate. Pour into one large or 6 individual molds. Place in larger pan with water bath around the mold(s).
3) Bake first 1/2 hr at 350F. Check if set. If not, reduce oven heat to 300F and keep baking. Check at about 1/2 hr intervals, until set, up to about 2 hr. Harold McGee says better to cook at lowish temp than higher one (avoids curdling).
4) Cool a few minutes, cover & refrigerate up to two days.
5) Serve plain, or with burnt sugar crust (sprinkle last 1/2c sugar on top, put under broiler until it bubbles & browns. Remove from oven, let sit a few minutes before serving.
6) Optional garnishes...nuts or cookies for some crunch, whipped cream or ice cream for more richness.
7) Wine ideas - Sauternes, sweet Riesling, other sweet white you like.
Enjoy :)
Stephanie B. February 13, 2019
Thanks for the recipe, and the wine pairing suggestions!
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