I'm going to Austin in May! Any food recommendations for a pescetarian?

We also love vegan food.

Rachel Christensen


aargersi February 12, 2015
YAY we will for SURE get a lunch together while you are here - message me! Meanwhile:

Mother's Café - the oldest of the old, hippiest of the hippie veggie restaurants (incidentally, Nannydeb and I met waiting tables there in the 80's!)

Perla / Clark - same owners - great upscale fish / oyster houses

Eddie V's - though purchased by the Red Lobster company (BOO) you can still enjoy gulf oysters here for a good price, and they have seafood dinners as well.

Quality Seafood - a New Orleans style oyster bar / fish house / fish shop. Crawdads too!

Mr. Natural - more hippie veggie food - great empanadas!

Bouldin Creek Café - yum - lots of vegetarian options

Really MOST places in Austin have a few vegetarian choices and seafood. You won't have time to eat it all! Also worth exploring are food truck options, we have loads. Oh - you HAVE to go to Mighty Cone and get a shrimp / avocado combo. Check out the Picnic Food Truck Park on Barton Springs.

I will keep thinking.
nannydeb February 12, 2015
In addition, Counter Culture on East Caesar Chavez is vegan and nicely funky.
Rachel C. February 12, 2015
Dona February 10, 2015
Torchy's Tacos for fish / shrimp tacos. They're the best!
Rachel C. February 12, 2015
Thank you!
dinner A. February 10, 2015
Years and years ago I visited Austin, and I still remember the seitan BBQ sandwich I had at Jo's on South Congress, as well as their kolaches. Also, if you happen to be there on the first Thursday of the month (as I was) the whole South Congress area turns in to a big outdoor block party of music and food, really fun.
Rachel C. February 12, 2015
Sadly, I won't be there until the middle of the month -- but I love seitan! Will definitely check out Jo's. Thank you!
drbabs February 10, 2015
When will you be here? There are a bunch of us Food 52'ers here in Austin, and Abbie (aargersi) coordinates our getting together for lunch around once a month. Maybe you can join us? (Restaurant recs to follow--I've only lived here about a year, so not an expert on restaurants. I did have a great veg meal at Parkside last night however--good but pricey.)
Rachel C. February 12, 2015
OH that would be lovely! I think May 15-19.
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