Has anyone used Pine Cone Syrup in food recipes? #pineconesyrup @Food52Hotline

  • Posted by: @DavJaCo
  • February 10, 2015


Maedl February 12, 2015
I have eaten syrup made from the tips of fir trees, but not used it. Both the syrup and honey made from fir pollen have a pronounced flavor, so
I suggest tasting it before you add it to a recipe.
Nancy February 11, 2015
No, but related ingredients (spruce tips and spruce syrup) are beginning to appear in Canadian restaurants that feature local, foraged and/or wild ingredients. Maybe with a look on Google.
David J. February 11, 2015
'....foraged and wild ingredients', love this stuff in my food. Thank you.
Lindsay-Jean H. February 10, 2015
I haven't, but one of my favorite restaurants/stores, Zingerman's, has 9 ideas for using it: http://www.zingermans.com/Articles/Mugolio.pdf
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