Have you ever made egg yolk mayo successfully with Bamix?

I used one egg yolk instead of a whole egg and ended up making a thin dressing. I have failed three times!
Do I need to use a whole egg to make mayo with Bamix?

  • Posted by: Jackie
  • February 12, 2015


Jenny M. February 16, 2015
I made it nice and thick without any problems since I never failede I can NOT tell you what might be wrong
But it Can be done
Sam1148 February 12, 2015
Yes. Try adding the lemon juice and salt in..and then start blending, and slowly add the oil. It won't be the 'dump a cup of oil in " recipe that a whole egg calls for...you have to eyeball it and slowly lift up while mixing drizzling in oil. Use a small mason jar to mix it.
Sam1148 February 12, 2015
Whoops...the "yes" was "yes I have made it" not "yes you need a whole egg".

I miss Mr. Edit Button.
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