Egg wash on bread just before baking - white yolk or whole?

I'm making a half recipe of bread that calls for one egg, beaten and brushed on loaf before baking (to help seeds stick).
What is best for flavor, shine & stickiness (for the seeds): white only, yolk only, or the whole egg beaten and using only half?
Would love to have your opinions/experience soon, as I'm going through 2nd proofing.
Otherwise, I'll stumble ahead.

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • August 12, 2016


Sabine August 12, 2016
Hi Nancy, the yolk only will be best for a shiny, golden finish, the whole egg or white only will result in a less golden crust. I think the seeds will stick either way.
Susan W. August 12, 2016
I rarely bake now, but I used to do yolk and cream to top cream biscuits for strawberry shortcake. It was rich and golden looking. I vaguely remember that egg whites and water was clear and glossy. As far as what helps seeds stick, I have no answer.
Nancy August 12, 2016
Thanks all for your comments.
I'd done egg whites (gives more shine) and whole egg (no particular memories) before.
So between your comments & never having done egg yolk alone, I chose that one this time.
Nice results - crust was crispy but thin, seeds stayed stuck on, color good.
PHIL August 12, 2016
Glad it worked out for you.
creamtea August 12, 2016
I do whole egg, beaten with a little water, brushed on.
foofaraw August 12, 2016
My mom always do yolk only, with additional 1 tsp water/egg to thin it a bit to washable consistency. We like the golden result.

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Smaug August 12, 2016
I usually use yolk mixed with half and half- I can't swear that the 1/2-1/2 does it better than water, but it does FEEL like doing something special.
PHIL August 12, 2016
I always went with whole egg and a little water. I didn't realize there were options.
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