Weird peanut butter combinations?

What are the most unexpected foods that taste good with peanut butter? I'm not talking about bacon (we know that one), but what about cheddar cheese, fried eggs, anchovies? Share your ideas, please :)

Sarah Jampel


Scdaube June 11, 2023
My mom made the craziest sandwich. Take a loaf of sturdy white bread. Cut it horizontally into layers. Spread different layers with different fillings. Roll up and slice into pinwheels. Ok now the crazy layers! Peanut butter. Liverwurst. Egg salad. Covet outside in cream cheese and olives. Sounds crazy horrible. Tastes amazing.
PEANUT BUTTER WITH LOUISIANA HOT SAUCE......(smacking lips.....yummy yummy yumm)
Terry March 3, 2021
Does this create an oily layer on top of the coffee?
Kalsoom Z. September 2, 2020
I love peanut butter, mustard paste, fried egg and some olives with hot sauce on white bread. I just love this combo, it satisfies my tastebuds quite well.
Except the olives THE REST SOUNDS AWESOME!!!
Laurence L. March 6, 2020
I LOVEEEEEEEE peanut on bread with Tomato soup absolutely gorgeous!! Everyone I tell put their nose up
Laurence L. March 6, 2020
Peanut butter*
Alexander W. February 20, 2020
I like just a peanut butter sandwich with dabs of salted butter in between the two slices helps to cut the stickiness.
Claudia J. January 4, 2020
I’ve been looking through all of these comments looking for different peanut butter combinations, as I’m also a big peanut butter lover. Many years ago I had a brochure that had 25 ways to eat peanut butter. The one that I tried that stuck with me was peanut butter and prepared horseradish on a Ritz was good! I also put peanut butter on my BLT’s...white toast with PB on one slice and mayo on the other. PB with bacon and sweet pickles on toast is also good!
Kathy S. June 4, 2019
Grilled cheese with peanut butter! Tastes like those peanut butter cheese crackers!! So yummy
Nilam A. May 15, 2019
As a child, I refused to drink milk. So, in my school lunches, my mom would "sneak in" a slice of the processed kraft singles in PB&Js for some extra calcium. I *LOVED* it. I still eat that sometimes when I'm feeling nostalgic (sub cheddar cheese slices now). I don't know what about it was delicious - the texture? The thoughtfulness/love of my mom making me lunch every day for school? Either way, it was good and I have fond memories!
Jlongtin December 17, 2018
My co-worker suggested I try this after months of eating different types of jelly with pb. Regular bread, peanut butter, banana peppers. At first it was hard to decide if it was good but now I crave it! So so good guys...
Donna F. November 8, 2018
Peanut butter & sardines on a raisin bagel. Oh yum!!!
Beaulaker November 8, 2018
Grilled peanut butter, bacon and ketchup sandwich
Kay August 27, 2018
My father loves peanut butter, tomato and mayonnaise sandwiches (yuck)!
Donna F. August 26, 2018
Peanut butter & sardines on a raisin bagel!!! 😍😅
HeidiHo! August 26, 2018
Peanut butter, mayonnaise and lettuce sandwiches!
Catherine S. August 26, 2018
Husband: peanut butter, cheese and mustard
Son: peanut butter and fresh tomato
Dee August 26, 2018
1 clove Garlic, couple tablespoons soy sauce, 1 Tbsp Chinese black vinegar, some sesame oil, a touch of sugar and enough water to thin to pouring consistency. Blend this with 1/2 C natural style peanut butter. Pour over cooked cold, rinsed rice noodles or egg noodles and you have Asian peanut noodles. For a more complete recipe see Madhur Jaffrey’s “World of the East Vegetarian Cooking”
Marcie August 26, 2018
When I was a child I hated yellow mustard. So when the rest of the family ate hot dogs with mustard I put peanut butter on mine so it would look more like every body else's. Kind of a 5 year old's invention of sate.
Never tried it with relish though.
Wendy B. August 26, 2018
peanut butter and onion sandwiches.
Terry August 27, 2018
I started making pb&onion after deciding I didn't like "sweet" sandwiches anymore - no more peanut butter-and-banana!...So after researching to find something else to complement the peanut butter - not sweet but still juicy/moist to contrast the pb's dryness - I tried pickles, bell pepper, tomatoes...and kept coming back to onion, either Vidalia or some other mild variety. Sometimes I still throw in a slice of tomato, but the onion is always there now. It does have a Thai or South African vibe to it, and I may continue to experiment but for a quick lunch I make my husband and peanut butter-and-banana and for me a pb&o.
Colleen August 26, 2018
I made a Thai peanut and chili sauce:
3 Tbsp peanut butter powder
1 ½ Tbsp fish sauce
Juice from 2 limes
2 tsp Asian chili garlic sauce
2 crushed garlic cloves
1 tsp coconut palm sugar
2 Tbsp shelled peanuts, ground in a mortar and pestle

Stir to combine. If the sauce is too thin for you, just add more peanut powder bit by bit until it thickens to your liking. This is an easy way to make peanut sauce for satay.
Miss_Karen April 4, 2018
Oh, I forgot... we also heat peanut butter slightly, and pour it over popcorn.
Smaug April 4, 2018
I seem to recall on some sitcom or another someone putting a jar of peanut butter in the microwave and drinking it. Never tried that, but I did once put the end of a jar with some water in the microwave in hopes of cleaning it out- I found out that the plastic lid and the jar expanded at very different rates- got the peanut butter out, but most of it ended up on my shirt.
Was gonna try that. But wasn't sure how liquid it would get.
Miss_Karen April 4, 2018
I don't think it's as weird as some I have seen.... But, both my son and I eat peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. Obligatory: toasted wheat bread and crunchy peanut butter.
I also make peanut butter cookies with bacon crushed up inside.
Gus April 3, 2018
Not particularly weird, but dates dipped in peanut butter is brilliant.
Smaug December 3, 2016
PB on sourdough French bread with a glass of limeade- I swear, sounds like instant death but it really works. Nero Wolfe's excellent cook, Fritz Brenner, once set out to make a PB main dish- the problem, according to him, being to "crack the oil" (I think he was proposing vinegar). Never did find out how it came out.
Shelly V. December 3, 2016
I love to place 2 small sccops of Peanut Butter in my fruit Yogurt, especially in the Strawberry one and also in my hot black coffee, as it melts the PB a bit and its just such a delight! lol
Annie S. November 2, 2015
This is from Ruth Reichl: peanut bitter on toast with mayo and pimento stuffed green olives. It has a kind of peanut butter and bacon taste. Peanut butter and bacon was on every diner and luncheonette menu when I was growing up.( 50s early 60s)
Morgan November 2, 2015
I discovered today that peanut butter is a good salad dressing.
Aliwaks February 19, 2015
Vlasic dill pickles, cheddar cheese & peanut butter on a plain bagel... its all about texture, the cheese has to be cut thick enough to be "squeaky" & the pickles really crunchy but a bit mild, and the bagel soft but not toasted because then it melts the peanut butter (also good on a Ritz Cracker instead of a bagel)
scotrotsios February 19, 2015
My mother always made banana sandwiches with peanut butter and mayo. Sounds nasty (my kids won't touch it), but it is REALLY delicious.
henandchicks February 19, 2015
peanut butter, swiss and wickles (spicy pickles) on triscuits , with a side of chicken soup. Perfect lunch.
petitbleu February 18, 2015
Peanut butter and fizzy water taste amazing together. I don't know what it is, and I know fizzy water isn't a food, but the combination is just awesome!
Panfusine February 18, 2015
I love the the way the water appears like its trying to dislodge the PB stuck in the mouth!
Afsana L. February 17, 2015
Fiance loves chunky peanut butter & liverwurst sandwiches. Interesting for sure!
Jussy February 17, 2015
I was just out of ideas for breakfast and I start eat waffles with peanut butter. I bought an awesome Waffle Maker (from this fantastic website I highly recommend you guys) It's delicious !
Allyn February 17, 2015
My roommate and I used to eat sandwiches with white bread, crunchy peanut butter, and dill sandwich slicer pickles. It started out as a joke, but we both wound up loving them.
Windischgirl February 17, 2015
I've had PB swirled into oatmeal for breakfast, to up the protein. With a bit of honey or preserves for sweetness it's pretty tasty.
AntoniaJames February 17, 2015
This also is not weird, per se, but bears mentioning nonetheless: peanut butter with maple syrup swirled through it and crunch salt sprinkled on top (outstanding on toasted artisanal bread). Another even more decadent application: I had some leftover butterscotch caramel sauce during the holidays, which I put to good use drizzled over crunchy peanut butter on toasted Country Bread from Chad Robertson's magnum opus, "Tartine Bread." Best breakfast, ever. ;o)
carlito February 17, 2015
I make peanut butter and butter or coconut oil sandwiches (on lightly toasted sandwich bread). Also PB and mayo sandwiches. Mmm...saturated fat..
JulieJulie February 17, 2015
Throughout elementary school, I was the kid with the peanut butter and lettuce sandwich wrapped in foil. Crunchy peanut butter, crunchy lettuce, no soggy bread, no overly sticky palate. It's a texture revelation. (Works best with less bitter lettuce.)
Scott April 4, 2018
A reply that should be mentioned with the release of "The Wrinkle in Time" movie- I learned about PB and lettuce from the novel.
healthierkitchen February 17, 2015
This one is truly weird - when he as little my younger brother ate pb smeared on a hotdog in lieu of mustard.
healthierkitchen February 17, 2015
I think this one is truly weird - when he was little my brother ate pb smeared on a hot dog in lieu of mustard.
AntoniaJames February 17, 2015
HK, that sounds delicious. I'm not kidding. ;o)
AntoniaJames February 17, 2015
This not truly weird, but peanut butter + almonds go marvelously well together. One of these days I'll post a unique cookie I developed to showcase this perfect union. ;o)
Panfusine February 17, 2015
Sounds AWEsome!
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 16, 2015
I asked my husband who is a peanut butter anything addict and he mentioned that a co-worker brings in peanut butter and cheese sandwiches which I didn't think sounded good. Perhaps an extension of the peanut butter cheese cracker snacks?
ktr February 17, 2015
I love peanut butter and either cheddar, Colby or co-jack (Colby and Monterey jack cheese mix)!
Kathy S. June 4, 2019
YES!!! And Grilled is even better!
JulieS February 16, 2015
Fresh sourdough bread, toasted then smeared with peanut butter and drizzled with Sriracha sauce, lime juice, cilantro and course salt.
amysarah February 16, 2015
That reminds me - when they were little, I occasionally made my kids jelly omelets. (Grape jelly turns the eggs green - hard to top that.) Sometimes we'd put PB in too - they liked it when it got all melty with they jelly.
amysarah February 16, 2015
Oops. I mean 'the jelly'...though 'they jelly' has certain folksy ring to it....
Hillary February 16, 2015
A plain omelette with peanut butter in the middle is amazingly delicious!
Samantha B. February 16, 2015
Peanut butter and chicken nuggets. Not sure how my mom and I arrived at that combo when I was a kid, but it's still a fond flavor memory for me.
C S. February 16, 2015
i used to use a recipe from a gardening magazine that involved stir-frying shredded cabbage and sliced onions until they were limp. You would then stir in a couple tablespoons of peanut butter and hot pepper flakes to taste. The heat would make the pb soften into a sauce and it is delicious.
Shelly V. December 3, 2016
OMG that sounds delicious!
Panfusine February 16, 2015
Peanut butter with Cilantro mint chutney and boiled sliced potatoes in a sandwich, I use Peanut butter in an Indian breakfast tapioca dish with lentils (sabudana). It works even with subbing the tapioca with Fregola! (
Use it in making a tamarind relish that is used to make tamarind rice.. The can go on & on..
Nancy February 16, 2015
Panfusine...the cilantro mint chutney sounds both novel & instinctively right. I''ve had pb with fruit chutneys, but not with herb ones.
aargersi February 15, 2015
My dad used to get up in the middle of the night and eat thick slices of onions with peanut butter. I am quite sure my stepmom appreciated his breath when he came back to bed. But I can see how that would work - maybe caramelized onions? Hmmm ....
Scott April 4, 2018
I sense a recipe is forthcoming... :o)
Lisa February 15, 2015
My mom made me peanut butter, mayonnaise and pickle sandwiches on wonder bread. :)
MTMitchell February 14, 2015
I have a friend who swears by the following to cure a hangover and whatever else ails you: a sausage, fried egg, and cheese sandwich (preferably on an English muffin) smeared with copious amounts of peanut butter. Preferably chunky. I haven't tried it (either not hungover enough or too hungover) but she eats this sandwich many a Sunday, not just the hazy ones.
luvcookbooks February 14, 2015
A friend in college had a bucket of peanut butter in her room. She upturned the lid, put a glob of peanut butter on it, added a spoon of honey, mixed and ate. Voila, lunch!
Nancy February 14, 2015
Don't know if this counts as weird, but yes unexpected. peanut buttern hummus, where the PB subs, presumably, for the tahiNa paste. Surprisingly good. From nigella Lawson 2010 book, Kitchen
LeBec F. February 13, 2015
I don't know what prompted me to ever try this recipe, but some 45 years ago I started making the Nut Seed Tacos from Recipes for a Small Planet. The corn taco filling includes:Tomato paste, peanut butter, sunflower,pumpkin and sesame seeds, cumin, cayenne,onion, and is topped with sharp cheddar and lettuce..... Fantastic, meant to be. I would NEVER have figured to try peanut butter and tomato paste, but there is a famous African peanut stew that also has tomato paste in it, and Mexican cuisine (which I'm guessing this recipe derives from) also uses these ingredients together.
Kat A. February 13, 2015
My dad started making us peanut butter and kimchi sandwiches at one point in high school. Spectacular!!!

Voted the Best Reply!

amysarah February 13, 2015
I wouldn't say it's particularly weird (it's not that far afield of pb & jam) but pb with mango chutney - just basic jarred Major Grey or such - on toast or crackers is really tasty.
kimhw February 13, 2015
My dad always made use peanut butter sandwiches to dip in tomato soup. The soft white bread, the rich mushy pb and the creamy acidic soup. Yum!
Tom P. July 22, 2015
I love this also, but it has to be made correctly. Plain white bread (not toast, or wheat (Etc...) bread), peanut butter sandwich, with nothing else on it (no butter, honey, jelly, bananas). Cut into 4 or 5 long pieces, depepnding on the size of the bread.

FOr the soup, for me at least, it's got to be Campbell's tomato soup. One can of it made with only HALF a can (NOT a whole can) of MILK (not water).

After heating the soup, dunk the strip tips into it and eat before it gets soggy, then dip again.

It may sound gross, but trust me, it is soooooooo good! The flavors go together so well!
Scott April 4, 2018
My go-to as a child was a PB sandwich with my Chef Boyardee ravioli.
Sam1148 February 13, 2015
Make a spice mix of Cumin, Ground coriander, Turmeric, cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and a bay leaf, salt and white pepper.

Chop up a couple of onions, about 2 table spoons of ginger, and 2 cloves of garlic, and a couple of green chili pepper.
In a pressure cooker cook the vegetables a bit...then add the spices to bloom them. Add about 3 lbs of chicken thighs or other parts bone in and skin on.
Add a large can of whole tomatoes drained.
Add 1/2 cup of peanut butter mixed with a bit of stock.
add about 3 cups of chicken stock
add 2 cans of chick peas.
1 lemon cut in half and juiced.

Pressure cook for 35 mins..adjust seasoning. (I add a few tablespoons of tahini) add a bag of fresh spinach and wilt that down. Serve with basmati rice and cilantro and lime wedges on the side.

/option...use 1 can of full fat coconut milk for part of the broth which should cover the chicken.

Windischgirl February 13, 2015
My grandmother made " hot sauce ", a cooked salsa-like condiment of onions, tomatoes, red sweet peppers, and hot peppers. We'd use it instead of ketchup with hamburgers and sausages, and as the sauce on pizza. But her favorite was PB-and-hot sauce sandwiches. Seriously!
AntoniaJames February 13, 2015
Pickles - sour home-fermented ones, cut into 1/2 dices to top unsalted crunchy peanut butter smeared on saltines.
Probably doesn't qualify as "wierd," but peanut butter with lime juice, fish sauce, a tiny splash of soy sauce and a pinch of sugar mixed in makes a quick, tasty dip for crusty dry-roasted bite-sized chunks of tofu. ;o)
Bruce August 21, 2018
Define "fish sauce", please...
Smaug August 21, 2018
Fish sauce is a fermented fish product widely used in Southeast Asian cooking- pretty intense stuff.
ktr February 13, 2015
Cheddar and cojack cheese go well with peanut butter.
I used to eat carrots with peanut butter all the time when I was in college.
Marshmallows dipped in peanut butter.
I've been thinking for a while about thinning out some peanut butter and pouring it over popcorn.
Not very unusual but spread with cream cheese on a graham cracker.
On saltines and then dipped in tomato soup.
Can you tell that I love peanut butter!
caninechef February 13, 2015
My mother, who I can not remember ever eating peanut buttter any other way, liked PB, cucumber and mayo sandwiches.
mack December 16, 2018
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