Has anyone made Dorie Greenspan's "pumpkin stuffed with everything good?"

I'm wondering if you followed the recipe exactly or improvised at all.

Miss Paperwhite


Lisa February 13, 2015
I make it every thanksgiving without the bacon for the vegetarians --great presentation. Spectacular like a turkey
Miss P. February 13, 2015
Thanks, ladies! I haven't tried it due to the amount of dairy in it.
Greenstuff February 13, 2015
I've never followed her recipe exactly, but to answer your question about improvisation, I would say that you could sub out absolutely every ingredient in her recipe, save the pumpkin. I've used rice instead of bread, no cheese, no cream, all sorts of vegetables, all sorts of different seasonings. Have at it!
Debbie February 13, 2015
Many times. It is the most requested recipe at dinner parties. Great presentation!
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