Question about Dorie Greenspan's Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good from Around My French Table

I found a pretty pumpkin last week at a farm stand and thought of making this recipe. My pumpkin is close to 6 pounds, though. The recipe calls for a pumpkin of about 3 pounds and a cook time of about 2 hours. Any thoughts, foodpicklers, on how long I should cook my much larger pumpkin? Thanks!



healthierkitchen March 10, 2011
I guess the pumpkin I used had very heavy seeds as it cooked in just under two hours. I used pumpernickel bread and a mix of cheeses and it was just delicious!
healthierkitchen March 5, 2011
thanks Burnt Offerings and farro10. I think I will try baking the pumpkin for a bit without the filling - great idea!
Burnt O. March 5, 2011
Oh good! Then I would go with farro10's suggestion. I made this last fall and it was scrumptious. Mine became very soft. As large as yours is - you might want to see if it will fit into a large casserole or pot. Because your pumpkin is so large, what you might want to try is roasting the pumpkin with the top off, unstuffed for 30 minutes, THEN add the stuffing and follow as directed. That way, the pumpkin cooks longer, but the stuffing doesn't have to. Enjoy - it's a terrific dish!
healthierkitchen March 5, 2011
It's not a carving pumpkin. I don't think I'd use one for any recipe. In fact it looks so much like the one in the photo in the cookbook that I was amazed when I weighed it that it is almost double.
Burnt O. March 5, 2011
If your pumpkin is a traditional carving pumpkin - I wouldn't use it for this recipe. It calls for a sugar, or baking pumpkin which is MUCH sweeter than the traditional carving pumpkins which aren't generally used for cooking.
francesca G. March 5, 2011
I'd put it in for a solid 3 hours and then begin to watch it -- without having made this recipe, my educated guess would be about 3.5 to 4 hours. Look for the doneness Greenspan describes in the recipe. Always the way to go -- I often find that I need to pull virtually everything out of the oven earlier than a recipe or common belief claims!
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