i made the challah stuffing which i loved in taste but didn't love the airiness of the bread. I'd like to make it with a heartier bread. thoughts?

i was thinking about using eli's stuffing mix. do you think it would work? taste good? would you use the same proportions and follow the same directions for the challah mushroom and celery stuffing?

  • Posted by: Sarah
  • November 22, 2017


Amanda H. November 22, 2017
A wheaty, country bread would be great because it has a little sweetness but will have more heft.
Sarah November 22, 2017
thanks. heft would be good! are you familiar with eli's stuffing mix. it's a sourdough. do you think that would taste good? and would you use the same proportions asked for in the
challah stuffing recipe?
Amanda H. November 22, 2017
Hi Sarah -- I do think a sourdough would taste good. It'll be quite different from the original but not in a bad way!
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