Regarding using the double boiler, just wanted to clarify: You should have water going at a low boil not touching the top pot while doing all the...

...whisking of the egg whites, sugar, etc.?

Marissa Sileo


ChefJune February 17, 2015
Whenever you use a double boiler, or the double boiler technique with a saucepan and a bowl, the simmering water should never touch the upper bowl.
AntoniaJames February 17, 2015
Yes, and the operative word is "simmering", especially when eggs are anywhere in sight. I often lift my bowl briefly off the heat altogether during a process like this, just to be sure. Working with ingredients at a lower temperature takes more time, but it's worth the extra few minutes, at most, involved. Cross the line to too much heat, and you're asking for trouble. ;o)
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