My son would like a "tower of chocolate eclairs" for his birthday cake. Do you have a great eclair recipe?

Would love a pastry cream filling that is chocolate. Need the chocolate that's drizzled over the top. Want an authentic pate a choux base for the eclairs.
Thank you!

  • Posted by: em-i-lis
  • February 18, 2015


em-i-lis February 21, 2015
Y'all are great. Sadly, he has changed his mind- now the plans are for a double-chocolate layer cake. Still, I am now inspired to make eclairs, so a win-win! :)
Melanie H. February 21, 2015
Choux pastry has just a few ingredients, but, like many things in the kitchen, technique makes a difference...try this method from Delia Smith for step by step instructions -
Chef L. February 18, 2015
Will you adopt me? My birthday is in November . Love your effort.
em-i-lis February 19, 2015
Hi Lisa, I will! :)
Thank you!
Sugartoast February 18, 2015
Em - I have a good one, can pass it along - made them for Faculty luncheon a few times :)
em-i-lis February 18, 2015
That'd be great, C! Thanks!
WnnaBTrvlWrtr February 18, 2015
For starters, check out Martha Stewart's croquembouche recipe
Happy birthday to your son!
em-i-lis February 18, 2015
Thank you!
healthierkitchen February 18, 2015
I don't Em, but I love that he wants one and that you will make him one!!
em-i-lis February 18, 2015
Ah, thank you dear Wendy!! :)
healthierkitchen February 21, 2015
I'm sure you're more than capable of a google search yourself, but just for fun, I thought they made eclairs recently on GBBO so here is a link to a page on that site for various eclairs.
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