What to do with two pounds of aged cheddar???? There are only two of us, one on a renal diet!


Molly Fuller


LeBec F. February 22, 2015
p.s. Flaky cheese hearts dough scraps can be combined and re-rolled until you have no scraps!
LeBec F. February 22, 2015
This would be my fav way to use your cheddar! Warning: very addictive.:
1 cup A/P Flour

1 tsp kosher Salt

1 tsp Ground cayenne

1 stick Unsalted Butter

3 C X sharp cheddar, grated

1 C Rice Krispies
1/2 Large egg, beaten w/ pinch of kosher salt

Butter can be cold or room temperature. Mix Flour, salt and red pepper flakes in cuisinart. Add pads of butter.Buzz 3-4 times to mix til texture is like tiny peas. Add cheese and buzz , a few seconds each time, til dough just starts to come together/clump. Put in bowl, add rice krispies and hand knead until just combined. Do not over mix. Cut dough in half. Roll out each half until approx 1/8" thick, between 2 pieces of parchment.Slide onto flat bin lid or sheet pan or cake board and chill minimum 1 hour. Remove from frig, leaving on sheet pan. Remove top piece of parchment and save for reuse. Cut with heart shaped or other cutter. Place on fish bin lid lined with wax paper
(can fit 45 per lid). Brush with Salted Egg wash .
Freeze or bake, 350 degrees ~10 min til lightly browned and crispy when cooled.

X1 Makes approx 110 hearts
scruz February 21, 2015
one of my friends who went to eaton as a young man went to visit his friends in england. he was so wonderful to me that he brought me back a maybe 4 lb. wheel of stilton. i had such fun asking people if they liked blue cheese and then carefully cutting it and wrapping it and distributing it. it was such a great treat and everyone who received it truly wanted it and loved getting it. it made my friend a hero to the stilton lovers. make sure people want it if you give it away.
Jan W. February 20, 2015
If you want to keep the quality intact - the best option would be to vacuum-pack it (if you don't have one, ask a foodie friend) and store it in the fridge. Freezing it might ruin the consistency and flavor of the cheese. If that's not an option, then I would give some to friends or use it in some of the promising dishes the others have mentioned. Otherwise - invite some friends over and serve before/after dinner?
Molly F. February 20, 2015
Thanks, all....of to make shortbread!
Nancy February 20, 2015
In addition to drbabs good ideas: on tacos, Nachos, Americanized lasagna, chili, grilled cheese sandwiches , waffles, crackers with hot sauce or pepper jelly, omelettes, in salad, baked in bread or savory shortbread cookies, eat while watching Wallace & Gromit (if you've run out of Wensleydale) ;)
ktr February 20, 2015
I agree that besides donating it, freezing it in more manageable amounts is a good option.
drbabs February 20, 2015
Does a renal diet mean you can't have salt? If so, could you donate it to a food bank? I mean, there are endless things you can do with cheddar --I could probably eat 1/2 pound in one sitting with sliced apples--and here are some recipes: (https://food52.com/recipes/search?q=cheddar&cat=community-picks). If well wrapped, cheddar holds for a pretty long time (you can even freeze it if you have to). But if only one of you can eat it--and you're not a cheddar lover, it might be kinder to donate it to someone who needs food.
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