What's a great make-ahead cake/loaf that will last overnight plus a bus trip from NY to Boston? Looking for something that gets moister over time!

Make-ahead cake/loaf suggestions?



Windischgirl February 27, 2015
BTW, I can share that Shirley suggests cakes made with buttermilk or sour cream age well. Cakes with a denser texture, like Poundcake, are also better keepers. Many simple German cakes, such as lebkuchen or gingerbread, or fruitcake, are meant to be made ahead; my source for those recipes is "Festive Baking" by Sarah Kelly Iaia.
Windischgirl February 27, 2015
In the January 1972 issue of Gourmet magazine, Shirley Sarvis wrote an article on just this topic. "Cakes for Keeping" included 9 recipes for cakes that improve with age...in fact, I sent my daughter the Cream Cheese Poppy Poundcake for her birthday--and she's in Sweden!

So I have a question for the staff of Food 52: I would love these recipes to be shared, but since they belong to Ms. Sarvis, and I haven't found an online source for them, what's the best way to proceed while respecting the author's copyright?
Nancy February 28, 2015
Suggestions...If ms sarvis has published book(s), write to book publisher to find out if recipes are still © and who owns it, or write to editors of (defunct) gourmet mag for same.
Posie (. February 27, 2015
I just made the ricotta-raspberry cake from the most recent Bon Appetit mag, and it is fantastic -- and in my opinion even better a few days after I made it!
rt21 February 21, 2015
What about s tres leche cake, dosent get moister than that , un mould it when you get to you're destination
Nancy February 20, 2015
Another idea, a cross between the virtues of chocolate & the olive oil cakes. There are various choc cake recipes out there made with either mayonnaise or mashed potato, both of which help keep the cakes moist. I''ve made the choc mayo one, and it's good. Not made the choc potato one but I''ve used the mashed potato in bread and it works.
MTMitchell February 20, 2015
If you like chocolate this cake is really good and it does fine overnight. I'm sure it would be ok on the bus too (I'd maybe put it in a box).
Nancy February 20, 2015
Yes to quick, banana, cranberry etc breads. also gingerbread (esp those made with molasses or maple syrup) or honeycake or French pain d'spices.
ChefJune February 20, 2015
This Coconut Pound Cake stays so moist and tastes even better a day or two after it's made. I recommend it. https://food52.com/recipes/22096-omg-coconut-pound-cake
dinner A. February 20, 2015
This citrus/almond/olive oil cake from Molly Wizenberg, who got it from the Boonville hotel, is one of my favorites. It's moist, intensely flavorful, fairly sturdy in structure, and keeps for days, possibly improving on the second day. I've made it in bundt and tube pans as well as the suggested springform pan; I'm sure you could make it as a loaf as well.
Monita February 20, 2015
A pumpkin/cranberry bread stays moist for days. Here's one recipehttp://www.oceanspray.com/Recipes/Corporate/Breads-Muffins/Cranberry-Pumpkin-Bread.aspx
Brownies are good travelers too https://food52.com/recipes/31947-super-fudgy-brownies
HalfPint February 20, 2015
I highly recommend Marian Burros' Plum Torte,

You can use just about any fruit. It is good the day t is made, but even better the next day.
Meaghan F. February 20, 2015
This cake never fails to "wow;" to make it easier to travel, you could even leave it in the springform pan until you reach your destination.
ktr February 20, 2015
Quick breads like banana bread travel well. Carrot cake travels well and stays moist. Most cakes as long as they aren't cut will keep overnight pretty well. I recently make a chocolate cake and it sat overnight and then we brought it with on a 12 hour car trip. We didn't get to eat it until 2 days after I made it and it was still great. I packed the frosting separately - which I'm really glad I did because the cake somehow got flipped over during the trip. If you top the cake with powdered sugar it will soak into the cake so I'd suggest bringing some powdered sugar with and topping it before you eat.
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