Shelf life of chicken mousseline?

Hello Food52ers! I've taken the plunge and have enrolled in culinary school (taking the basic and intermediate cuisine and patisserie courses at Le Cordon Bleu in London). One of our exam dishes is a chicken breast stuffed with chicken mousseline ( chicken breast, egg white, cream, and fresh herbs processed into a paste). I did a run-through of the dish tonight, stuffing only one breast. I now have about 1 1/2 cups/300 ml of mousseline left! What is the shelf life of this stuff? Can I freeze it un-cooked; can I freeze it cooked? I am thinking of stuffing zucchini with it tomorrow, but that will just make the slightest dent in my piping bag :) Any other ideas of how to use it? Thanks, as always, for your input!



LeBec F. February 22, 2015
pps. i forgot to answer some of your questions. I was taught that you CAN freeze mousseline both raw and cooked, but i don't like thinking about the texture of defrosted cooked mousseline. But i think you'd be fine if you formed and wrapped the mousseline as described, and then went straight from the freezer into the simmering water.

Uncooked in the frig, stored over ice(in a plastic bag) in the bottom rear corner of your frig (the coldest place) it would prob have a 2 day shelf life.
LeBec F. February 22, 2015
carla, how exciting for you; congrats! chefjune is a 52 french cuisine expert; i hope she'll see your question. I am most familiar with forming mousseline into a log, wrapping it tightly in saran (twist the ends) and then in foil (twist the ends)and poaching it in uncovered simmering water til done. Then it is chilled, sliced, arranged on a plate and sauced. Often served as an app in restaurants because it's an elegant but inexpensive way to stretch one's protein.Check online for recipes(how long to poach) and you tubes!
p.s. if you wanted it to be slightly different from your stuffing, you could fold in some chopped pistachios and/or dried cranberries , or many other things!
Any book on Mousse and Pates will have illustrations and directions. To make it easier to handle, i would prob make 2 logs from what you have.

You could also use the mousseline as a filling in a puff pastry or filo turnover. Very flexible stuff!
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