Treatment for 2 lb turkey breast

I've never cooked a 1/2 breast but I bought one for a friend who is conservative about tastes and methods. She won't eat skin, doesn't usually eat on meat the bone, but I'm going to give a roasted piece a try. I also have Peppridge Farms cornbread stuffing mix (good because there's no egg in it,) Any tip on how to go at this? Think I can put the stuffing under the breast and cook together? I'm sorry I left my fresh herbs at my mothers, no herbs are here at all. Green beans on the side.

  • Posted by: nutcakes
  • December 29, 2011


bigpan December 29, 2011
Too late for now, but next time you can punch a bunch of holes in it with a knife or fork and poach it in chicken broth. That quill cook it and prevent it from drying out. Put under the broiler for a minute to make the skin brown.
pierino December 29, 2011
Too late to be of help, but when I'm forced to cook a turkey (half) breast I bone it out and stuff it with things like roast peppers and olives and then tie it up like a sausage (skin on---wimps can take the skin off after it's cooked but the little fat there is in turkey needs to help baste the meat).
SKK December 29, 2011
The turkey breast will be juicier and more tender if you brine it first. Here is one recipe I have used even though I dropped some of the spices.

Regarding the stuffing mix, my recommendation is to make it in a separate container. I don't think you will have enough drippings from the turkey breast.

What a good friend you are!
nutcakes December 29, 2011
thanks, but no time to brine, it is going into the oven now. next time.... (she doesn't mind it dry!)
SKK December 29, 2011
You are cooking with love and it is great!
nutcakes December 29, 2011
not to site people: this was a duplicate because I clicked X (during the long delay from add to post) to stop it from posting because I thought I forgot something. then I decided to just post and clicked 'add+' again
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