Making ribs in oven

I am making, but we don't have a barbecue. Could someone please suggest how long at what temperature these should be roasted? I've never made ribs before so have no basis for comparison. Thanks!



canoetrip April 9, 2015
I just made the most amazing ribs in the oven using Nigel Slater's Honey Roast Ribs with Anise recipe. I will never make them any other way from now on. I was blown away... try it, seriously incredible!
Westcoasty April 9, 2015
I will have to check it out. Thank you!
Patricia February 26, 2015
If you're not already overwhelmed here's one more recipe to try. Very simple. I make it when it's just the two of us.
Make whatever dry rub you like - I usually use salt, chili powder, smoked paprika, oregano and a few others. Lightly rub oil on a rack of baby back ribs. Pat all over with dry rub. Place on rack in 9 x 13 pan. Put in pre heated 375 oven for an hour. Eat.
If you want it's nice to remove the fat on the underside before cooking - it should pull off in one piece. But not required. Serve with lemon wedges squeezed over ribs.
For a really easy dinner, put a few small baking potatoes in oven after 10 minutes, and after 45 minutes add a pan of lightly oiled and salted asparagus. Everything is ready at once and tasty! I recently doubled this for last minute guests and it was perfect!
Westcoasty March 1, 2015
Thanks, Patricia! This week be great to try some night during the week when I want ribs but don't have time after work to slow cook. Yum!
anotherfoodieblogger February 25, 2015
OK this is how you do it. My momma made Texas-Style BBQ ribs in the oven without nary a grill in sight some years, especially when we live in Ohio and we had 8 foot snow drifts outside, or after they moved back to Texas and she ran over the grill with her car. But I digress. Season your ribs with a dry rub of choice. Next, cut up into rib chunks that will fit into a large skillet. Add some oil to the pan on high heat, then add a batch of ribs and sear both sides of the rib chunks until browned good on each side. Set aside. Add a bit more oil between batches, until all the ribs are nice and browned on the outside. Now add all the browned ribs to a large roasting pan with about a 1/2 cup of beef broth or water, cover very tightly with foil, and place in an oven set on 250 degrees F. Cook those puppies for about 4 to 5 hours. Remove from oven, place the ribs on a baking sheet, slather both sides with your favorite BBQ sauce, then place back in the oven on broil until crispy. This will have to be done in batches. I hope that helps!
Westcoasty March 1, 2015
That does help - another tasty-sounding variant to check out. Thanks!
Sam1148 February 24, 2015
Also...if you aren't using Baby ribs...3 hours is WAY under cooked for large beef or pork ribs. Saying "ribs" is broad net to cast. What type of ribs..etc.
3 hours is way to shy for large ribs. You're talking 4 to 5 there at 250. for those.
Westcoasty February 24, 2015
Thanks for all the inside tips, Sam1148! I bought some ribs on sale, dry-rubbed them and froze them like that because I won't have time to slow-cook them till the weekend. Then I bought more tonight because I realized I didn't have enough for a feast (and how else do you eat ribs, after all?!). I'm not sure about the first batch but tonight's ribs are definitely not baby. So I will be sure to allow lots of time for cooking. The liquid smoke sounds interesting to try for round two - I don't want to try too many new things at once because then I get overloaded instead of learning "how this works". Thanks!
Sam1148 February 24, 2015
Do a good dry rub the day before and cover with foil and do the long slow cooking.
At the point (usually longer than you think if you want tender ribs) you think they're done. Take them out of the foil and put on a rack and crank up the oven. and bake on a BBQ sauce.

Because you're indoors and want outdoor flavor---yes you use liquid smoke. I usually 'wing it' for the sauce..but the base you can riff off is:
1/2 cup of ketchup
2 table spoons cider vinegar
3 tablesppons brown sugar
1 tsp ground corriander
a dash of tabasco or hot sauce
yes..liquid smoke the horror the horror..but it makes BBQ in the oven taste good.

Brush on a light coating of that and broil...remove it and brush on another coating...and do it again.
You're building up layers of carmalized smoky stuff here. a 'fond' on the surface of the meat..not a soupy wet thing..but a rich deep flavor thing.

THEN you can serve with the goopy wet sauce that's cooked down a bit with other things like bourbon, citrus...coca-cola etc.
ChefJune February 24, 2015
I often make ribs in the oven, because I didn't used to have a grill. I cut the ribs into servings and season with a dry rub. Then put into a shallow roasting pan and cover tightly with heavy duty aluminum foil (shiny side in). Bake in a 300 degree F. oven for about 3 hours, taking fat off as it accumulates (about 3 times during the baking). Then I remove from the pan and clean it. REturn the ribs to the clean pan and brush liberally with (my secret homemade) barbecue sauce and crisp up under the broiler. They are so good.
Westcoasty February 24, 2015
ChefJune, this sounds great. I've never been a fan of barbecue sauce, but I'm sure there's a recipe somewhere on Food52 that will change my mind! Thank you.
signe February 24, 2015
Simmer ribs for at least 45 min on top of stove( with garlic cloves, etc) place in baking pan, slather with sauce and bake at 350 x 2 hours.
Westcoasty February 24, 2015
Interesting variation, Signe - thanks! I love eating ribs so I can see I will have to experiment more with cooking them. I'm not much of a sauce fan but maybe I just need the right recipe. :-)
signe February 24, 2015
My son doesn't like sauce on his. I season with garlic, thyme onion powder
Tasha February 24, 2015
I've actually boiled them using a crab boil (old bay seasoning) then 450 in the oven with BBQ sauce. Covered. Then broil them! It was so long ago I did it this way and I've tried all kinds of ways but this was my favorite and easiest
Westcoasty February 24, 2015
Hi, Tasha, how long did you boil for and roast in the oven for? Newbie foodie...have no clue on my own. :-)
Arglebargle February 23, 2015
I season them with a rub based on whatever flavors I'm going for, put them in a big roasting pan, add a little liquid in the bottom (beer, wine, soy sauce, whatever), seal the pan tightly with several layers of tinfoil and cook for 3 hours at 300. When they're done I crisp them up on the grill or in a hot cast iron skillet on the stovetop. Yummy!
Westcoasty February 23, 2015
I can see I'm going to have to buy more ribs to check all of these out! That sounds great too, Colette. Thank you.
bigpan February 23, 2015
I cut into two rib pieces, cover with foil and put in a 225F oven for 5 to six hours. Drain every couple hours and put under the broiler (uncovered) for a few minutes to crisp. I serve bowls of BBQ sauce on the side for each guest.
Westcoasty February 23, 2015
Sounds perfect, bigpan. Thanks so much.
SMSF February 25, 2015
Yes, that is how I roast pork ribs, too, in terms of time/temp/technique.
But prior to the low-heat roasting, I use a rub and let it sit on the ribs for 12-24 hrs. wrapped tightly in plastic wrap in the fridge.
Even though ribs may be pretty well trimmed, they do give off a LOT of fat during cooking so draining them a couple of times as bigpan suggests is a great idea. I do crisp mine up on the grill but the broiler works fine as an alternative.
Kristen W. February 22, 2015
Doesn't the plastic wrap melt?
kimhw February 22, 2015
When I need to do ribs inside I wrap them tight in plastic wrap and cook at 225 for 3 hours. Crisp up with broil at the end.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 22, 2015
you wrap them in plastic wrap and place in the oven? yikes!
Westcoasty February 23, 2015
I'm guessing you mean tin foil? :-) Anyhow, thanks!
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 22, 2015
This oven rib recipe was a contest winner:
Westcoasty February 22, 2015
It looks great, but we have no barbecue. So I can't cook it precisely as originally instructed, alas. Hence my request for oven cooking guidelines.
Westcoasty February 22, 2015
Sorry, sexyLAMBCHOPx, I was confused because I had looked at that recipe too. My apologies. I am missing many of the ingredients for that recipe, which is why I am trying the salt and pepper ribs. :-)
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 22, 2015
You could use the your ingredients and try out the oven technique from the other.
Westcoasty February 22, 2015
Thanks, sexyLAMBCHOPx. I may well give that a go.
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