I have 2 turkey legs left what should I do with them?



luvcookbooks January 1, 2011
turkey mole. it's a lot of work making the sauce, but a transformative experience for the turkey and makes it forget that it was ever a leftover. kind of like the velveteen rabbit. diana kennedy recipes are good and the saveur thanksgiving issue has a turkey mole recipe that can easily be adapted to leftovers.
WayneB December 30, 2010
Remove the meat from the bones, chop, add celery and mayo and use for turkey salad sandwiches.
lastnightsdinner December 29, 2010
@aargersi Thanks!
prettyPeas December 29, 2010
I surprised myself last year with how good homemade turkey tetrazzini is--I think I had only had cafeteria or cream of mushroom versions before. I like something like this recipe:
but reduced the amount of butter to just enough to cook the mushrooms to a nice golden brown, ~2 T. The flour can be added to the cooked mushrooms and stirred for a bit to make a roux, instead of adding more butter and flour seperately. I also used 2 cans of 2% evaporated milk instead of milk/cream (because I am fat).
nannydeb December 29, 2010
I just made turkey tortilla soup out of the carcass & leftover meat (and yellow squash). It was a great change of pace with the Mexican flavor (poblano peppers & freshly ground cumin seeds) and lighter meal (than turkey & dressing).
ajarchibald December 29, 2010
Shred meat and make soup/ragu. Then be sustainable and make a stock
aargersi December 29, 2010
HolyCow LND that looks SO GOOD!!!
lastnightsdinner December 29, 2010
I'm assuming they are already cooked? If so, you can shred the meat off to make a ragu for pasta or a filling for ravioli or wontons. I made a turkey ragu with some of our leftover dark meat from Thanksgiving, and we loved it.
ellenl December 29, 2010
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