We are cooking out turkey with the legs cut off. How long would you cook the dark meat and white meat? Thanks

leigh frat


Casinada November 23, 2017
I’ve used this method for years. Take bird out of frig for an hour before roasting. Dry inside & out well with paper towels. About 30 minutes before roasting, I salt anything not covered with skin and inside cavity. Rub oil on the skin of breast. Place breast in a French roasting pan with the the neck pointing up at the ceiling and the legs laying on the bottom of pan skin side UP (without crowding or anything touching sides). 20# - 25# roast in preheated oven 425* for 15 minutes - Reduce heat to 375* Roast 2-hours on bottom rack. Don’t open oven! (To test for done-juice of thigh run clear) Let rest at least 1-hour uncovered. If you have to cover-tent with foil. Use that hot oven to finish sides or bread.
For smaller birds 14 - 17# leave temp at 425* and roast 1 1/2-hours. Let rest 1-hour
leigh F. November 26, 2015
Ok. Will do. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving!
leigh F. November 26, 2015
Thank you. It was a 18 pound bird before we cut it up. Do you think we should figure on 3 hours at least? I'm just trying to figure out when to put it in the oven. We want to eat by 5:30.
Sarah J. November 26, 2015
Did you weigh each piece? We have a time per pound estimate here: https://food52.com/blog/11646-the-essential-numbers-a-guide-to-times-and-temps-for-cooking-your-bird. I would start earlier rather than later, though! Better to have the turkey out of the oven, and then you can reheat it as needed, with gravy. Ina Garten has, as always, great advice: https://food52.com/blog/11742-ina-garten-s-make-ahead-thanksgiving-advice
Amanda S. November 26, 2015
Use the same oven temperature you would if it were all together, with the legs in a roasting dish and the breast on a rack. Just keep checking the internal temperature of both—it won't take as long as a whole bird! https://food52.com/blog/11646-the-essential-numbers-a-guide-to-times-and-temps-for-cooking-your-bird
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