Where to get traditional roast duck in Manhattan (or nearby)

Help! I'm so tired of the undercooked, seared, and sliced duck breast that pretends to be a special preparation. Just give me a great crispy duck a l'orange or with green pepercorns and I'll be thrilled. But please, none of the vaunted NY temples of gastronomy.

  • Posted by: RussellW
  • February 22, 2015


ChezHenry April 4, 2015
Was hoping you were going to give us the results of your tasting tour?
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 25, 2015
I'm surprised you don't have a favorite french bistro to get your duck on. Why don't you head to theater district to Chez Napoleon? Been solid forever and has your duck dish under $30. http://www.cheznapoleon.com/menu_lunch.html
RussellW February 25, 2015
I did, indeed, have a favorite place on Sheridan Square in the West Village, but it's long gone. Several prospects remain, however, including Cafe Loup, Chez Napoleon, and La Mirabelle. We'll begin the taste test this weekend.
Bevi February 24, 2015
Rotisserie Georgette. A delicious Duck a l'Orange.
RussellW February 25, 2015
No doubt it's a great duck, as it should be at $98 for two people. For that price, I'd be expecting a sexual favor to be included. Even in today's more costly world, that's about twice what any reasonable person would be willing to pay. Price is not an object for me, but this number is just plain excessive.
Liza's K. February 24, 2015
The duck at Peking Duck House in midtown is incredibly fatty/oily. I couldn't take more than one bite. I had fabulous duck at The Mark restaurant, but I don't think it's a regular on the menu. I'm racking my brain trying to figure out where I ate duck recently and loved it... I can almost taste it in my mouth and yet can't remember where I was.
ChezHenry February 23, 2015
Cafe Loup, 13th Street off of 6th ave in the Village. Exactly what you are looking for in a Roast Duck!
RussellW February 23, 2015
Apparently, my question was confusing. I'm looking for a traditional roast duck as used to be available in French or American restaurants. As fine an offering as Peking Duck is, it resembles not at all what I am looking for. I'm aware that places such as Eleven Madison Park have roast duck on their menus, though I'd prefer not to present my financial statements before placing my order. I do appreciate the suggestion to cook the duck at home, but I'd prefer to have it prepared for me.
It may be that all of the places that used to serve decent duck are a thing of the past, but that seems to be a stretch of the imagination. I suspect it's more likely a matter of further investigation.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 23, 2015
There's always Peking Duck in Chinatown.
ChefJune February 23, 2015
I was about to suggest the same. Certainly not European flavors, but addictively succulent.
QueenSashy February 23, 2015
I was about to suggest the same. However, not all Peking Duck's in Chinatown are the same... There are ups and downs. One of the best ones is at the Peking Duck House, 28 Mott and also in Midtown. Although it is a restaurant, they will pack it to go, you can get the duck whole or sliced and will come with all necessary sides (pancakes, sauce, scallions,...)
caninechef February 23, 2015
Not around the corner but a great destination on a beautiful day, eat overlooking the lake, wonderful at Sunset. http://www.thelakeviewhouse.com/ This is about 5 minutes from exit 17 on Thruway( Newburgh). I think Duck is always on the menu with a rotaing sauce but I would call to make sure if coming a distance.
amysarah February 23, 2015
The best traditional roast duck used to be at the Czech and Hungarian places all over Yorkville. (The sadly departed Vasata was by far my favorite for duck.) Maybe check one of the - very few - remaining old school French restaurants. Haven't seen it in ages, but I think Le Perigord in midtown still exists and might serve classics like duck a l'orange. Another direction might be Peking duck - obviously very different, but it might provide that essential crispy roast duck fix.
Maedl February 23, 2015
Make it yourself at home. It is not a complicated dish to make.
Meaghan F. February 23, 2015
If you haven't tried the slow-roasted duck on this website, please do so - you won't regret it.
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