Has anyone tried Daregal Frozen Herbs?

I just came across this brand online, seems like an interesting option for those of us who can never make it through an entire bunch of cilantro before it goes slimy...



Herbafrost November 3, 2023
Yes, I've heard of Daregal Frozen Herbs, and they can be a great solution for keeping herbs fresh. Another option worth considering is Herbafrost https://herbafrost.be/en/herbs-product-range/, a company that specializes in freezing herbs for professional purposes. This could also be a convenient choice for those who struggle with herbs going bad before they can use them up. It's always good to have options to ensure your herbs are readily available and don't go to waste.
Windischgirl February 28, 2015
I haven't seen this brand, but I have purchased Dorot brand frozen basil and frozen cilantro, and they are great.
I buy herbs in quantity and freeze them on purpose--my mom has done this for years. Some herbs work very well: parsley, dill, chives, Rosemary, thyme. I wash, dry, and mince in a food processor, then pack firmly into a small, flat plastic container. When I need the herbs, I scrape them into the dish with a fork or a small knife. I sometimes freeze chives and dill whole, lining up the stalks into even bunches and wrapping tightly in plastic wrap. When it's time to use, I snip them with kitchen shears. No need to thaw either type of prep...add frozen and pop the rest back in the freezer.
rt21 February 27, 2015
I haven't used that brand but have tried little house brand for the sane reason they are freeze dried
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