Which herbs would work best in a kiwi sorbet?

Someone gave me about five pounds of kiwis. I's like to make sorbet with them and use up some of the herbs I just cut from my garden, too. I've got rosemary, basil, lemon basil, cilantro, thyme, mint, and lavender.

I'm leaning toward the lavender; maybe I could steep it in the syrup for the sorbet after I take it off the stove? Or maybe I should just leave the herbs out altogether. What do you all think?



Fany G. August 1, 2011
I think you could infuse simple syrup with thyme or rosemary or you could use the fresh herbs chopped up and perhaps toss them with pieces of berries so something like kiwi popsicles with raspberries and lemon basil would be really nice.
Merrill S. July 23, 2011
I like the idea of basil or lemon basil!
SKK July 23, 2011
I love kiwi with basil and/or ginger. Try one of those? Another possibility is a five spice. Let us know what happens!
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