making chicken stock

I want to make chicken stock this weekend but can not find any fowl. What is the next best bird to use. A whole fryer or a whole roaster?

Lucia from Madison


keg72 March 5, 2015
I, too, like to use legs, but I'd add that you should see what's on sale, or a good value (like a family pack) at the grocery store! All parts of the chicken can make a great stock -- just make sure the chicken is bone-in, skin-on.
Fat T. March 5, 2015
I've also used a family pack of chicken legs, the dark meat will give you better flavor.
Lucia F. March 5, 2015
That is a good idea. I think I will try that and pick up some extra wings like kimhw suggested. We got so use to homemade broth this winter I had to have to use store bought!

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kimhw March 4, 2015
Buy a big bag of wings! Lots of collagen, bones and a bit of meat. Perfect for stock.
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