just made beer-braised beef with smashed potatoes for dinner, http://bit.ly/fm3hn1, and I have 3 cups of the braising liquid.

Should I save it or toss it. It seems like such a waste but not sure if it is something I can use in another recipe!
Thanks in advance...

Lucia from Madison


Lucia F. March 6, 2011
Love the Boar's Head suggestion! Okay I will save it!
thanks guys!
student E. March 6, 2011
oh, yes, definitely save it! reduce it down until it's thickened and drizzle it on other cooked meats, leftover potatoes. i especially love these kind of braised meaty sauces on mushrooms!
Sam1148 March 6, 2011
Save it and use it as an au jus base; reduce add some beef stock crystals if needed for flavor and a touch of cornstarch in water to thicken while heating.

If you have leftover beef, make french dip sandwiches. If not...Boars Head "London Port" roast beef is widely available at supermarkets and very good in french dip.
boulangere March 6, 2011
I'd absolutely keep it and freeze it! It would be a wonderful base for many soups - experiment!
nutcakes March 6, 2011
I suppose it would be a good base to make a Belgian beef stew, but I suppose you won't be in the mood for that yet. Make and freeze? How beery tasting is it? Could it be a base for mushroom barley soup?
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