Freezing scones

Just made a double batch of Cranberry Scones. I am bring them to DC next weekend. I want to freeze them. They were baked in a scone pan so they are all the same size. What is the best way to freeze them. In a ziplock bag and take it out on Friday morning before I leave for the train?

Lucia from Madison


Maedl March 9, 2015
I would definitely double wrap the scones--you don’t want them to pick up off-flavors. I use either wax paper or aluminum foil--both work well, the wax paper is a bit greener. The double-wrapping will also cushion them a bit on your trip.
ChefJune March 9, 2015
I agree with the double wrapping, but I doubt you'd get freezer burn in one week. I find that unless scones are well wrapped they lose a lot of moisture. Dry scones are not luscious. I'd wrap each individually and freeze them in a ziplock freezer bag. However, for carrying them, I'd put them in a metal cookie tin. You could take them out of the bag and just use the tin, or leave the bag as an air pocket.
Taiyyaba March 8, 2015
I agree with the first answer for a short term but for longer, I would wrap each in plastic wrap, then freeze in a ziplock. It seems like overdoing it but I would hate for hard work on delicious scones to be wasted by freezer burn.

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ktr March 8, 2015
That's what I would do.
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