I've got to bring deviled eggs to a new years eve party, I've got no idea how to do them ! Please help !!



anyone December 30, 2010
All great ideas, but if possible pipe the filling instead of spooning (much easier). Gives a little nicer presentation too.
Sadassa_Ulna December 30, 2010
I like all suggestions but I also like plain ol' mayo with a little french's yellow mustard, salt n pepper, garnished w/ paprika (classic 50's). One tip: before filling the halves, slice off a thin sliver from the botyom of each "boat." This way they won't wobble...
amysarah December 30, 2010
I love deviled eggs. From the simple 'old school' ones my mom used to make (yolk mashed with Hellman's mayo and regular old yellow mustard - yes, I mean French's, not Dijon - and a final sprinkle of sweet paprika) to fancier variations.

There are lots of good ideas here already (I especially love them topped with a bit of smoked salmon/trout, or a dab of caviar, and snipped chives - luscious.) Two more suggestions: add some Madras Curry powder and a pinch of salt to the yolk mixture and top with a dab of chutney; or, mash a little lemon juice and some anchovy paste into the yolk mixture - or top with a sliver of anchovy - and garnish with a small pitted Kalamata olive or slice of roast red pepper. You can be endlessly creative with them - I'd experiment and make an assortment.
Nora December 30, 2010
Add a little of the brine from a jar of olives as you mix mix mix the egg yolks. You can top with a slice of green olive stuffed with red pepper for pretty.
lastnightsdinner December 30, 2010
Here's my recipe, which you can make without the smoked trout (but I love the flavor it adds): http://www.food52.com/recipes/3938_smoked_trout_deviled_eggs
aargersi December 30, 2010
For New Years Eve you might consider going "fancy" with creme fraische and lemon mixed into the yolk, and then as Kayb says, a dab of caviar on top of each egg. Some chives are nice. If you get both red and black caviar it looks pretty!!! Also if you DO use caviar go easy on the salt elsewhere ...
Kayb December 30, 2010
It's also good to add an ounce or two of smoked salmon and some dill to the yolks and mayo, maybe a squeeze of lemon juice, then top the stuffed eggs with a dab of caviar.
phyllis December 30, 2010
@goodappetite (Melissa Clark) has a delicious twist on deviled eggs in the NY Times and in her book.


The smoked paprika makes the eggs a little spicy; you can substitute sweet paprika.

ImmaEatThat December 30, 2010
Bring your eggs to a boil, shut them off, and let them be for 7-8 minutes depending on their size.

Cool down in an ice bath, then peel them. Slice in half, take out the yellow yolk, put all in bowl, mix mix mix (saying it three times calms me down) with herbs (chives, parsley, really anything you want to make them tasty), salt, pepper, chili flake, I like bacon myself, and some mayonnaise (you can also substitute yogurt). Also add a touch of lemon juice or champagne vinegar for a nice punch of flavor. Make sure the mixture isn't runny, as you will stuff this mixture back into your halved egg whites.

Voila! C'st bonne!
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