New Year's eve party upscale munchie ideas???

I'm a 25-year caterer doing a New Year's Eve party. Looking for fresh ideas. What would you like to eat in the way of hot/cold finger foods to bring in 2012?



sexyLAMBCHOPx December 16, 2011
This is a site winner thats delish!
Esther P. December 16, 2011
It's not fresh, it's not modern, but hot and cheesy wins hands down for me every time.... And if there's a bit of smoked paprika in the mix, so much the better!
ATG117 December 16, 2011
A bunch of the entries for the new contest (one bite party ideas- or I think that's the correct name) look delish, and you can browse the editors picks that were just released. I particularly love the idea of teh twice baked potato slices, which is one of the CPs. Alternatively, you can stick with the twice baked potato idea but top with creme fraiche and a dollop of caviar or salmon roe instead. Anything on crostini is always great and easy, and I love stuffing figs or dates with a sharp aged cheese. soup shooters also great for a chilly night.
nutcakes December 16, 2011
If you beat 8 oz with 3 oz of roquefort and thin with a Tbsp of cream, you can drop in about 40 grapes, mix. Fish them out one by one and in the palms of your hands, roll the cheese around the grape thick enough to cover. Chill a bit if needed. Roll in finely chopped nuts. Or do this with goat cheese. It is a nice one-bite with champagne or wine. --Martha Stewart Hors d'oeuvres.

This MS book is a great one. Savory biscotti would be a nice nibble with alcohol as well, the hard stuff too.. For people avoiding sweets.

If I want upscale I want shrimp and raw tuna--I'm old school. Or a really cool new school deviled egg. Maybe a quail one. Pickled shrimp are overlooked imo.

HOT- For me, a slice of beef filet on toasted baguette is timeless. I'd like a little skewer of grilled meat, maybe lamb.

Now think about an over-the-top bacon concoction. Some of us have just not tried enough maple bacon craziness. Or I'd really love some pork belly in butter lettuce wrap with Korean bean paste condiment and pickled turnip. One bite.
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