Deviled eggs with butter

I've been asked to bring deviled eggs to an Easter brunch. While I own a deviled-egg plate, I don't think I've made them since the 1960s. Does anyone have any feelings about the addition of butter (as in the Virginia Willis Genius Recipe). Or any other thoughts about deviled eggs in the new millennium?



Maedl March 30, 2013
If you don't want to commit to a whole batch, just try deviling one or two hard-boiled eggs. I don't use a recipe, I just do it by texture. Slice the egg in half, remove and mash yolks, add enough melted butter to produce a silky texture, then season with salt, pepper, a mellow, light colored vinegar, mustard if you like the flavor, and perhaps some garlic powder if you love garlic as much as I do. Stuff the yellows back into the egg and top woth freshly chopped herbs. I like to use dill if I am serving the eggs with smoked salmon, or tarragon for serving with a fennel-scented salami.
Greenstuff March 30, 2013
Thanks for the replies. I'm still on the fence but have gotten enough feedback to think about using at least a little butter. To give you a bit more information, the Virginia Willis recipe does have some mayo too. And absolutely, it has Dijon mustard. You can check out the recipe at
WileyP March 29, 2013
Sounds like deviled eggs may no longer be politically correct in other parts of the country, but they sure are a necessity here! I've have never heard of using butter instead of mayo in a standard DE, but it sounds interesting and I'd like to hear more about it. In the meantime, for a gazillion or so recipes for DEs, go to . Now, not all of the recipes are healthy and low-cal, but they are interesting!
rt21 March 29, 2013
I like to add a little mustard and sometimes curry powder
Maedl March 29, 2013
I have never liked deviled eggs made with mayo and have always used butter when I make them. the butter adds good taste and texture.
sdebrango March 29, 2013
I have have never tried adding butter but I do think that next time I make them I will try Virginia Willis's recipe. I have always been a deviled egg purist, just mayo but I think the butter will add a lovely buttery richness.
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