replacement for pomegranate

I planned on a pear, goat cheese salad that has pomegranate arils as garnish. But I was not able to find a pomegranate in store, nor the cups of arils. I am looking to replace them, mostly to provide color. This is a composed salad, pear halves with honey and goat cheese on top. I was thinking maybe frozen raspberries with the juice dribbled on top? Other suggestions?



caninechef March 13, 2015
Thanks for ideas, I like the dried cranberry idea, could sprinkle on a few nuts also for texture.
LeBec F. March 13, 2015
glad you said that; i agree w/ david. When I think of the other options, it is dried cranberries (and Irani dried barberries) that have some tartness to them like (but less than) pomegranate seeds.
Meaghan F. March 13, 2015
The fruits suggested here (raspberries, cranberries, etc.) would all be good subs, but maybe see if you can find freeze-dried instead of frozen - crunchy texture, but no temp difference.
drshakyhands March 13, 2015
I second dried cherries or cranberries. I just saw fresh red currants at Whole Foods the other day too (made me some brown sugar muffins...) which have that nice bite that pomegranate seeds do.
davidpdx March 13, 2015
Dried cranberries would work well, too.
Nancy March 13, 2015
Cherries. This time of year, morello (sour ones) that come in jars or cans, brandied (fancy food shops or make at home), dried. Or a touch of black or red currant preserves mixed in the dressing.
Francois D. March 13, 2015
I would add toasted hazelnuts as a textural component as well. They go well with the pears and the cheese. I used to do a salad with fresh burrata, caramelized pears (in honey and butter), arugula with crispy serrano ham...
Aliwaks March 13, 2015
Can you find those freeze dried raspberries in the store? They have them at Whole Foods- those would add color and bit of crunch.

If not that salad sounds like it could handle a few dried cranberries.
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