I have a goat cheese spread made with pumpkin, honey and nutmeg (I think). Need suggestions on how to serve it. Thanks!



latoscana January 6, 2011
Apple slices?
Raquelita January 6, 2011
sesame would be another nice flavor to add...i have a great squash-tahini spread that i eat with wheat pita bread. good sweet-hearty mixture.
SouthernCooking January 6, 2011
I would add garlic or black pepper to balance the sweetness. If you use Amanda's crostini idea, which i think is excellent, I would rub a cut raw garlic clove across the toasted bread before adding the goat cheeses spread. Or I would use a black pepper cracker, like a Carr's black pepper water cracker or something similar.
amysarah January 6, 2011
Wheatmeal crackers (also called - somewhat less appealingly - 'digestive biscuits' in the UK, ) are very slightly sweet, so they work really well with soft/sweet-ish cheeses. Great combo with cheese/fruit for dessert too. Carr's brand are widely available - called simply 'whole wheat crackers' in the US, but they're the same thing.
misshunter January 6, 2011
Sounds good. It seems too sweet to serve on crackers but your idea would be perfect.
Amanda H. January 6, 2011
How about on crostini? Slice a baguette, brush the slices with olive oil and toast them on a baking sheet in a 350-degree oven (5 to 10 minutes).
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