I am looking for vegetable based recipes (healthy) that can be frozen. Trying to limit trips to grocery store and eat somewhat fresh food!

  • Posted by: slivon
  • April 19, 2020


Stephanie G. April 20, 2020
I think bean chilis freeze well and are tasty. A favorite of mine is Pierce Street Chili from Heidi Swanson on the website 101cookbooks.com. It makes a ton of leftovers and you can vary your toppings for endless variations. I like to add Greek yogurt and chopped avocado.
Nancy April 20, 2020
Almost all vegetable-based dishes are freezable, some for a couple months, some longer.
"Healthy" can be defined so many ways - by presence of things most nutritionists or medical advisors see as beneficial (like hugh fiber) or by absence of ingredients which can be detrimental (like refined sugar or hydrogenated fat) - that it is hard to make a list for someone else.
Perhaps do a browser search based on ingredients and proportions you want to include or avoid and then cook from the resulting recipes.
Nancy April 20, 2020
"Like high fiber"
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