Marble rolling pin

Was given a gift of a marble rolling pin. How does it differ from the wooden ones I've been using?

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Food O. March 16, 2015
Thanks. My baking repertoire does not include using the rolling pin. Any suggestions for a newbie?
ktr March 16, 2015
Pie crust of course. I'd probably make cut out sugar cookies first though because I find they are easier to work with than pie dough. You can also roll out dough for pizza crusts and calzones.
aargersi March 16, 2015
It's also heavier so that when you roll out your dough the pin does more of the work, I find mine much easier to work with than my old wood one!

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boulangere March 15, 2015
Well aren't you the lucky one. The interesting thing about marble is that it is typically 10 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature, making it an excellent surface for rolling out pastry doughs that depend on coolness.
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