Best way to keep biscotti fresh?

Freezer or just well wrapped in a cool cupboard?



tlc July 1, 2012
I make biscotti for Christmas gifts and freeze with great results.
zahavah July 1, 2012
If biscotti get stale, you can crisp them up really quickly by putting them in a toaster oven for a few minutes on about 350F (or a regular oven). Put them right on the rack. Let them cool (they'll still be a bit soft when still hot) and then eat away. I do keep extras either in the freezer or in an airtight jar.
Bill F. July 1, 2012
Eat it immediately
Author Comment
Eat them all. Fast. Especially dipping them in my espresso.

If anyone has trouble with this let me know and I will be too happy to help.

kayde04 July 1, 2012
Biscotti does not keep for a long amount of time, however an air right container and food service film can extend the life of your biscotti by 2-3 days
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