best way to store fresh cucumbers?

what's the best way to store fresh cucumbers picked fresh from the garden, or farmers market fresh? I hear different schools of thought. some swear by wrapping in paper towel and refrigerating. Others, say NO, don't put in fridge.



chef O. July 13, 2012
Keeping them damp is the quickest way to make them go bad. Cukes last a really long time with no effort at all so don't stress or buy less if you don't use them.
lloreen July 11, 2012
I swear by those plastic "green bags.". My vegetables last 3 or 4 times longer if I put them (dry) in a green bag in the fridge. As long as you don't let the veggies rot, you can reuse the bags many times. I cannot restrain myself at the farmers market and used to lose a lot of produce due to poor planning. Now I can keep veggies fresh for over a week, if not two or three.
Nozlee S. July 11, 2012
Loosely wrapping cucumbers in damp paper towels and then storing them in an open-topped plastic bag is the way to get them to last the longest -- the environment will keep them from drying out or spoiling. If you're planning to use them quickly, though, keeping them on the counter is fine for a day or two!
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